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23 Sep 19
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wavesbet is a modern and revolutionary online betting

platform where you can bet using smart contracts backed

by the blockchain waves, a technology provided with a

fast, decentralized and open network. “waves” is a cryptocurrency

like bitcoin using its own blockchain and “wavesbet” is a token

on the waves blockchain, so bets can be placed with both waves and wavesbet.

wavesbet describes itself as a platform where players play against

each other, while Wavesbet receives only a small percentage of the bet

to support the platform.

The domain name may be used for a betting platform

using waves and wavesbet cryptocurrencies or a betting platform

using waves cryptocurrency and any other token on the waves blockchain.

This domain name is available for sale on, or maybe, we don’t

know, you can purchase it paying with wavesbet, do not hesitate to

contact us for any further information.